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Yoga Burn Reviews | Women Yoga Workout

Yoga Burn Reviews | Zoe Bray Cotton workout

yoga burn fitness system reviewAre you looking for real Yoga Burn Reviews Online? Yoga Burn is is another form of Yoga workout that is that is purposely made to help female shed weight and maintain a perfect shape. Yoga Burn is the principle called sequencing which teaches you how to perform some poses and get the body shape you always desire.  The Yoga works out is segmented into three parts that will allow you to do some challenging task to get the body shape you want. The workout is for women of all fitness levels, from those that are just into Yoga and the professionals. The principle of dynamic sequence Dynamic sequencing will put you by several poses you can apply to get the body shape you have ever wanted.

The Yoga Burn workout

The Yoga Burn workout is divided into 12 weeks to enable you to get the shape and curves you have ever wanted while losing weight and improving your overall flexibility. The aim of this workout is to put women through the various process they can lose weight without them taking harmful pills to achieve that. Other important parts of Yoga work out like, getting muscle and improving overall health. Her Yoga Secrets is in digital format and can also be shipped to you in a printed form. Yoga is one of the practical exercises you can ever go through, which is why I have decided to provide you the complete review of the Yoga burn, so you can decide if this workout will be the best for you!

yoga burn review

About The Author Zoe Bray Cotton

Zoe Bray-Cotton is the brain behind the Yoga Burn workout and claims also to be the personal trainer and the instructor. And lately, she also called a transformational expert. She has been in the industry for years, and with a wealth of knowledge on teaching various poses and style of Yoga in studios and gym in North America, this gave her all the experience to create a workout series that can help a lot of women lose weight. She did well by making the exercise simple to follow for the beginners and even the expert in the industry.  The Yoga Burn Brought out her name into the limelight in the women health industry. She also highlighted the common error in women Yoga:

  1. Signing Up For General Yoga Classes

The various Yoga classes at gym and studio train people with different experience. If you are doing the yoga meant for the professionals, you may get injuries in the process.

  1. Thinking all yoga classes will lower your stress level

Nothing can be farther from the truth because she explained that some stress hormones in your body store fat and attending general classes will only raise the level of such hormones.

  1. Doing the same Yoga routine always

A good yoga class should consider your fitness level for to select a work out for you. If not you won’t get the result you desired. That is why she developed a yoga workout to care for all of these lapses.

Benefits of Yoga Burn

This yoga workout will help you lose weight and get the body shape you ever wanted.  This will help you to get the result you can’t get with the natural weight loss pills.

  • You sleep better
  • You will get the body shape you desire
  • This improves your flexibility
  • The strength of your muscle is increased
  • This will allow better blood flow

How Does Yoga Burn Work?

This is a complete 12-week yoga that will help you lose weight and maintain a perfect body shape. The 12 week work out is also divided into four weeks each making three phases. All the stages of the work out are full of instruction and video to guide you as you start.


Three Phases of Yoga Burn for Women

The final subdivision is the three stages of the workout. This has many videos with few bonuses added. And all of the phases last for only four weeks. You should try and complete each of the phases to get the result you wanted. This will total four yoga day in a week. And most of the stages of the yoga is just about 40 minutes.


Phase 1: The Foundational Flow Phase

This is the first phase of the workout will walk you through the necessary foundation every other part of the work out is based on. The various poses of the yoga will be shown to you in the right way. The instructor will show you the pose step by step and how you can combine them together. This is a basic pose that increases your metabolism.  Your breathing process will also be maintained during the training. You will be put through the:

  • The right way to poses and do the workout
  • Explain how you can progress as you continue in the training

Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase

In this phase in this stage, you will learn how to use different poses together and how to create training or work out of it. All of these poses will combine in a way to help you lose calories and maintain the body shape you want. The various poses and moves on Phase one will allow you to link the yoga training the trainer introduced In the first phase which is the foundational flow phase to form a kind of sequence. This stage will enhance your mood and give you a significant boost.



Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase

This happens to be the last phase of yoga burn; the instructor put you through how you can now combine all you have been learning from phase one to two, that will allow you lose weight and get the slim body they want. This stage of the Yoga burn will allow you to burn the fat of your body efficiently and get the slim body you have ever wanted. This third phase includes many repetitions of various movements that involve the upper and lower part of the body that will increase your body metabolism and transform your body shape to what you have ever wanted. This phase of the Yoga burn will allow you to:

  • Get the body transformation you have ever wanted
  • A boost in your metabolism
  • Build the particular muscle that will help you get the perfect body

Yoga Burn for Women Bonuses

The Yoga Burn workout from Zoe contains other things apart from the three phases we have discussed above. The program has a bonus to help you get a perfect yoga experience. You can simply do it during the 12 weeks of the three phases of the yoga.

Yoga Burn Bonus One: Tranquility Flow

This is about 15 minutes of work out and utilizes the principle of yoga we know as restorative. The major aim is for you to stretch your body and relax the more. You will also learn the proper posture for walking and sitting. You will also rewind and relax in the process.

Yoga Burn Bonus 2: Beginner Flow

The pace of the video is slower than all the videos we have in the yoga workout and form a great training for the beginners with the various basic poses and movements. The exercise session is about 45 minutes. This exercise also allows you to relax.

Yoga Burn Bonus 3: Pose Tutorials

The aim of the Bonus 2 was to give various beginners what they can do to increase their yoga experience and poses. Zoe decided to compile all the poses you will be using in the yoga workout. If you want to know all the basic poses they use me the yoga, you should probably watch this video.

Yoga Burn Bonus 4: Tool and Tips

The tips and tool part of the bonus includes the various ideal environment to practice your yoga. Having a productive workout and increase your metabolism thereby.


Yoga Burn Price and Where to Buy

I will advise you to purchase the yoga burn for women through the company website because of the 60 days guarantee you will enjoy.   The yoga burn is priced at $37 or $57 excluding the shipping and the handling fees. I will also suggest you find someone that will be interested in the program because both of you will be able to split the cost on the digital and the paper and have a 60 days guarantee that allows you to get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the yoga burn.  You should also note that this program cannot be purchased from Amazon.


I the following section, you will learn the upsides & downsides of Yoga Burn. 


The Upsides of Yoga Burn Program

yoga burn fitness system review

  1. This is a well-arranged fitness program for all level

One of the most important parts of this program is how different phases of the yoga burn are organized to deliver an excellent result to the people that will buy it within a few weeks. Zoe experience in the industry has allowed her to blend the various traditional yoga and the various poses to burn fats and lose weight in the process. This is because most of the yoga course on the internet is majorly focused on very tough exercise that the newbie can bear.

This yoga program has shown that you don’t have to do all those hard exercises to lose weight, all you need are the various poses and movements recommended by the Zoe yoga burn. The organization of this course also needs some commendation, because most yoga programs just teach you the general yoga training. Then you end up wasting your time or even sustaining injuries in the process. Yoga Burn is a program you can trust because it won’t put you through rigorous training to lose weight.

  1. This Program offers you Mental and Physical Benefits

If you are looking for training that will make you feel alive once again, I will recommend yoga burn. The program allows you to lose weight and even offer you other emotional and mental benefit also. The various phases of the yoga burn have its benefit of detoxifying and making you relax and refreshed than ever before. Zoe also makes sure she encourage you are consistent in various part of the program. The exercise has to turn out to benefit more than just the physical well-being, but the emotional and the mental benefits are also derived from this program.

  1. The Program is Cheap and Very Concise

When we look at the cost of the yoga burn, you will know that you are paying close to nothing for enjoying a lot of work out training. One yoga session will cost you $10-20 in the USA that is excluding the cost of shipping and handling. The yoga practice does not charge you too high for their effective workout but offers you a one-time payment for you to enjoy their training forever. Another great benefit of this program is the time; you only need to dedicate less than 3 hours/week for about 12 weeks. This enables you to fix a particular time in case you have a very busy schedule. This will motivate you to be consistent because the workout is helping you to release stress from your body.

  1. The Yoga burn also Consider your Breathing

Breathing is an essential part of every yoga program. Breathing in the right way during yoga can help you manage different kind of stress and emotional tension. This can be rigorous, especially for the newbie. Zoe always narrates various ways of breathing in the program. And when you are performing a pose there are ways you should breathe to have an efficient workout.

  1. The steps are very easy to follow

The program is segmented into various stages for you to have an effective weight loss. The phase takes you through the various poses and the second steps tell you the various movements while the last step shows you how to combine the whole of this phases to get the body size they desire. They also encourage the women to be consistent with the various phases to the right result in no time and make them familiar with the different videos. This familiarity makes the allow you to find the videos interesting and allow you get the expected result in no time.

  1. The training is evergreen

You can never be tired of the Yoga Burn program; because each video shows you a pose, you will mix with the one you will be doing in the next video. This always keeps you interested and excited on how you can apply what you just learn from one part of the video to the other.  The Zoe Yoga burn gives you a goal on what you will expect to get if you follow their various steps effectively.

  1. Available in Digital, Video and Printed form

Zoe Yoga Burn allows you to go for either the digital or the printed form of her training. The digital format allows you to go through it when on the go. This can be a good one if you are traveling or have a busy schedule. If you are the fan of printed documents, the printed format will show you the various moves and poses.


The Downsides of Yoga Burn Program

  1. You Must Be Consistent

The Yoga Burn needs your attention and daily work out for you to lose weight. If you are not ready to dedicate a particular time to make this training work, I will advise you not to get the zoe yoga burn because you won’t see any result. This training will only be effective if you are consistent. All you have to do is to get a particular time you will be convenient with to do your workout daily for the 12 weeks.

  1. Upsells

This is one thing you will be annoyed with after the purchase of their course. It may not sound like a con, but I wish they don’t spam my inbox with a lot of messages.

  1. They Mainly Target the Newbie

Their training are-beginner focused primarily. They introduce the basics of yoga in their program that the professionals may find as a waste of time. This is excellent training, but it can be very frustrating for the professionals to start with the various basic poses again.


Final Thought: Yoga Burn By Zoe

This is a complete yoga burn dvd program from a professional with a wealth of experience in the Yoga industry.  This is by far better than most yoga program you can find on the internet, and it’s coming at a very competitive price.  I will recommend this program to you to try, and if you are not satisfied, you will be sure to get your refund. This is an opportunity to lose weight with no risk at all.  If you want to get the Yoga burn training, I will advise you to go straight to the official website to order the program.

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