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What are probiotics?

What are probiotics?


What are probiotics?

For some time, fatigue has accumulated … In addition, you have made some excess food, and your intestine seems to have a little trouble getting back on top. To boost your transit and end constipation, can a probiotic cure be effective?

If you didn’t already know, not all bacteria are harmful. Many of them are even indispensable allies! In the intestines, for example: without these “good” bacteria that constitute the intestinal flora, digestion would be impossible.

These few billion microorganisms in the intestinal flora can be grouped under the label “probiotics”. As their name suggests, probotics are “life-friendly”. These bacteria are not only not dangerous, but have proven qualities for humans. Today, the term “probiotic” is commonly used to refer to foods that are supplemented with these useful microorganisms.

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The properties of probiotics

Like all of our digestive tract, our intestines are in direct contact with the outside environment and its pathogens. In order to fight against these potential aggressions, it contains a large quantity of immune cells, in addition to the bacterial flora. Thanks to them, it is able to eliminate waste, degrade part of the cholesterol, increase the acidity of the environment to prevent the proliferation of germs, etc.

Not to mention treatment, following a course of probiotics can be an effective health gesture. Too often, our lifestyle alters our intestinal flora (fatigue, stress, food imbalance …). Regular consumption of probiotics promotes the maintenance of this flora, or its reconstitution if necessary.

Where to find probiotics?
We find probiotics among others:

  • In yogurts;
  • In fermented dairy products (cheeses and yogurts);
  • In plants (cereals, artichokes, leeks …);
  • In wheat germ and in brewer’s yeast sold in drugstores in the form of capsules or tablets.

How to take probiotics?

You can do a probiotic cure for about a month (three or four weeks depending on your choice). It is quite possible to make several cures per year. Even better, you can have a regular consumption of probiotics, in the form you want (food, capsules …). It is recommended to consume not every day but about two to three times a week.

Each species of these microorganisms has its own virtues. And not all are active specifically on transit. Several probiotics have proven their action on the acceleration of intestinal transit, such as Bifidobacterium animalis DN-173 010, Lactobacillus delbrueckii bulgaricus, Streptococcus salivarius thermophilus … An effect which generally depends on the dose of probiotics ingested. In this sense, several studies suggest a beneficial effect in people suffering from constipation *.

Warning: if a problem develops, do not drag, consult a health professional!

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Originally posted 2020-04-14 18:56:03.

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