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Type 2 diabetes: how to make the right nutritional choices?

We often tell type 2 diabetics that we must lose weight to restore its glycemic constant and prevent complications of diabetes. It is true, but a draconian diet is not the right method. The diet of type 2 diabetics is before a balanced, varied and diversified diet, with one exception: controlling the amount of carbohydrates ingested. But to get there, you have to make the right nutritional choices.

A la recherche de l'équilibre alimentaire

Document written by Catherine Conan, dietician.

Type 2 diabetes commonly known as “fatty diabetes” is characterized by a partial deficiency of insulin secretion coupled with resistance to the action of insulin, resulting in a state of hyperglycemia. It is generally the preserve of people over 40 years of age who are overweight or overweight. It is therefore important to make sure to stabilize or lose weight with the implementation of a low-calorie diet if necessary.

To obtain a lasting result, it is imperative to ensure a correct nutritional intake in line with the eating habits of patients, their tastes, their lifestyle … and above all to set achievable goals. The diet will not be too restrictive (a reduction of 15 to 30% of the total caloric intake is sufficient) or synonymous with sadness because it will not only be doomed to long-term failure but will not allow dietary diversity or friendliness necessary for the maintenance of good health.

It is best to establish good eating habits, slowly but surely. Note that the benefits of a change in eating behavior reduce the stresses.

To these measures, an essential point should be added: the practice of physical activity, however small it may be!

Originally posted 2020-03-28 09:42:55.

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