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Return to sport after 40 years or more

Sport after 40

After 40 years, you may need a sport suited to your abilities to keep moving. This will require medical monitoring, progressive intensity, and longer recovery phases. On arrival, you will gain a lot of pleasure, moments of sharing, and renewed vitality. If applying the recommendations contained in this article tires you in advance, let yourself be guided by your Ownsport fitness coach who will set up progressive sports sessions to get the best of you over the workouts, otherwise, good reading ????

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At 40 years old, recovery is being prepared

Getting back into sport after 40:

– Reduces type II diabetes
– Slowdown against osteoporosis, low back pain, depression and stress.
– Protects from certain cancers and reduces the risk of overweight and obesity.

Before embarking body and soul in sports, a little technical control is essential. Direction the doctor for a battery of physical test. This will allow you to give you a clear idea of ​​your abilities and to detect any anomalies to take into account during your practice. Cardiologists generally recommend a medical check-up after 35 years in men and 45 years for all women wishing to return to sport.

In the program, in particular, an electrocardiogram allowing to detect possible heart problems avoiding you a heart attack. During a stationary bike or treadmill stress test, the cardiologist will analyze your heart condition live. A whole series of measurements will be taken live (blood pressure, heart rate, electrical activity of the heart). During this time, you will be asked to gradually increase the intensity of your effort.

The scientific study which reassures the forties.

Still on the cardiac level, know that sport is beneficial for your heart even if you start after 40 years. David Matelot, researcher at the University of Rennes put forward this argument in his thesis defended in December 2015. He wondered if “starting training after 40 years was too late to hope to improve his cardiovascular health?” “

With the help of a professor of cardiovascular physiology, he compared the performance of 34 non-smoking seniors aged 55 to 70.

– Group 1 “Not very sporty”: 10 people had never participated in a relatively intense endurance sport during their life more than two hours per week.

– Group 2 “Sportsman 40 years”: 11 people had started to do it regularly after 40 years at the rate of 5 hours weekly.

– Group 3 “Sportsman 30 years”: 13 people who had started before 30 years old.

Starting endurance training after 40 is not too late to be in better cardiovascular health at 60. VO2max and resting heart rate do not differ among 60-year-olds who started training before 30 years of age and those who started after 40 years. On the cardiac level, not surprisingly, the results of group 2 and 3 were better than group 1. Only training initiated before 30 years of age, however, seems to bring certain vascular benefits on exertion, not found in seniors who started after 40 years.

So it’s never too late to get back into sport. Even after 40, your heart, muscles and bones will benefit from your activity.

Practice for your figure but above all for pleasure

When you want to get back into sport after 40, it is often to lose weight or to prove to your children that you are still in the game. However, it is the pleasure that must animate you. Do not choose a sport by constraint. Certainly for losing weight, running is more effective than Pilates because it allows you to burn more calories. However, if you don’t like to run, your sessions will not be productive. You might as well practice Pilates if that’s what motivates you. Ultimately, practiced regularly, this activity will be more effective because you will be more assiduous.

pilates after 40 years old

The advantage of practicing with a sports coach is that you can try out many activities, all aimed at getting you back in shape. The panel proposed by Ownsport is very wide. Together, you will find one or more sports that will allow you to be fulfilled in your practice and motivated in your coaching sessions.

At 40, recovery is a problem

At 40, muscle and nerve recovery takes longer. It is therefore advisable to warm up well to prepare the body for the effort to provide. 15 min warm-up is a minimum before your workout. This time can be extended depending on the weather, time or age. Indeed, age, cold weather and morning training are all criteria that require you to increase the time and the quality of your warm-up.

Then be progressive! You have not seen the past years and you feel as lively as when you were 20 years old. However, start with 2 weekly sports sessions for 1 month and then gradually increase the training volume. Going for a jogging of 1:30 from the 1st day is not the right solution. We present an example of progression if you want to get back to running. This is valid for other activities. Gradual intensity over training is the best option to get back into sport after 40 in the best conditions.


From the age of 30, hormones and in particular testosterone decrease by 1% per year. This explains the difficulty in gaining muscle and in part, in recovering well. To counter the slowing metabolism, be concerned about your recovery. It is therefore advisable to get adequate hydration, get enough sleep and get 48 hours of rest between two sports sessions. Do not neglect stretching at the end of the session. They will directly help you feel better after your session.

And if you also resume a healthy diet?

eat healthy after 40

Eating better is also essential. The 40th anniversary is often conducive to weight gain. In addition, a quality diet is beneficial for your sports performance and for recovery by providing the necessary energy. Choose foods with a low or moderate glycemic index.

Breakfast :
Pressed fruit juice
Green tea
0% cottage cheese – Oat flakes

Turkey breast
Apple or Banana
Cashew nut

Lunch :
Olive oil
Greek yogurt

Having dinner :


Getting back into sport after 40 is a great idea. This initiative should therefore be encouraged. However, be well supervised before and during your resumption of sport. Even if you are a former sportsman, a medical opinion and the support of a sports coach will be a plus to restart the machine in good conditions. Take pleasure in your practice. Even if you have a competitive spirit, the health aspect must keep you occupied.

Therefore, do not neglect the warm-up, stretching and recovery phases. By practicing at gradual intensity, you will greatly limit injuries, will be more efficient while improving your general health. Sport, regardless of age, will help reduce your body fat to gain muscle mass. So don’t ask yourself any more questions, dear forties, take charge of your destiny, equip yourself and enjoy a discovery session.

Originally posted 2020-06-17 16:58:02.

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