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Nettle Leaf For Weight Loss

Use nettle tea and make an ideal decoction for weight loss

Are you looking for a way to lose weight naturally, without having to go through a diet? Consuming plants such as nettle can help you in your quest for weight loss.   Nettle is one of the best natural supplements to lose weight effectively. These plants are of particular interest to your body when you consume them as an herbal tea. For this reason, in the rest of this article, we suggest you discover how to make a nettle tea to lose weight. You will discover in detail the benefits of the plant, and how it can be used to take care of your body on a daily basis.

We are all tired of private diets, food supplements whose composition we do not know much about, and the rebound effect of all these weight loss methods. All the remedies are found in nature, and weight loss is no exception. Why not try to consume healthy foods, originating from plants, which can help us cure everyday ailments? This is an increasingly important request from consumers. If you would like to discover other slimming plants, flaxseed for weight loss might also appeal to you.

nettle is a good weight loss supplement

Nettle, the plant of our grandmothers

Who does not know nettle? Often seen as a weed in our gardens, it is in fact a plant that contains a number of benefits for our body. For this, it is necessary to know the composition of the plant in more detail. Nettle is a herbaceous plant, found mainly in Europe, and in temperate climates. This green plant is known for its serrated leaves which have a famous stinging effect. This stinging effect is in fact linked to small hairs on the plant, which contain compounds that irritate the skin. If you want to pick the nettles on your own, therefore, we recommend that you grab them by the root, or use gloves.

Nettle tea for weight loss: origin.

Despite this point, nettles are edible, and you have certainly heard of our grandmothers famous nettle soup. They can also be used as medicinal plants, and they are also remedies consumed since ancient times. If you don’t have nettles in your garden, you will likely find some in a nearby park, or on the side of the road. You won’t be able to miss these green plants, which can grow up to 4 feet tall.

What are the benefits of nettle?

If nettle is so popular in natural medicine, it is thanks to its composition. Nettle is rich in vitamins A, B and C. It also contains iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus. Its roots are rich in lignans and anti-inflammatory sterols. This therefore makes it possible to use nettle both to take care of your body, and in order to lose your extra pounds. Let’s find out more precisely what are the benefits that can be attributed to the plant:

Fight against fatigue. Nettle is beneficial in combating states of fatigue. It allows you to gain energy, so that you can be more active during the day.
Diuretic action. This action is particularly beneficial. Due to its cleansing effect, nettle helps you eliminate toxins, fluids and other wastes that can stagnate in your body. It is also beneficial in removing stored fat. In this way, you will help your body fight infections and water retention, which can lead to heavy leg problems (source, source).
Treats certain allergies. Nettle is known to be effective in treating allergies to pollen but several studies believe that there is not enough research on this subject (source, source).

Takes care of the urinary system. The plant’s diuretic effect is also beneficial for your urinary system, as well as the prostate. The plant helps restore normal urination, and fights inflammation of the urinary tract.

Nettle tea for weight loss, the plant.

Beneficial for the skin. This detoxifying nettle is also used to purify your skin. If you suffer from acne, this might be a good way to treat your skin problems.
Fight against pain. This plant is particularly appreciated for relieving rheumatism, and pain in the joints. Anti-inflammatory, it helps soothe cartilage and joints, especially in people with osteoarthritis (source, source).

How can nettle tea help you lose weight?

The weight loss benefits of nettle are mainly related to its diuretic effect. Indeed, as we were able to explain it earlier, this effect allows to eliminate the fats of the body, and all the other wastes which can harm its good health. Its consumption in the form of herbal tea has been used by our grandmothers for many years.

However, for its effects to be truly positive for weight loss, you will need to remember to eat a healthy diet. This includes a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and on the contrary low in fatty, sweet and salty foods. If you don’t follow a healthy diet, you may not be able to see the desired effects on your weight loss. All your efforts could then be in vain! In addition to your diet, exercising is also a great method to help with weight loss. Make sure you walk more regularly during the day, exercise more, you will certainly see positive results on your weight!

The only downside that one might associate with nettle is that the plant is stinging. So, as explained earlier, if you want to consume it in its fresh form and pick it yourself, using a pair of gloves is recommended! For their slimming effects, senna leaf for weight loss is also an interesting alternative.


How to consume nettle tea to lose weight?

Now is the time to find out how to prepare this famous nettle-based herbal tea for weight loss.

First, you will need to clean the harvested nettle leaves to remove any soil that may be present. Be careful not to prick yourself. Then place your leaves in a pot of cold water for a few minutes. Once this period is over, you can bring your water to a boil. Leave the nettle leaves to steep for a few more minutes, and turn off the heat. The water should cool for about 10 minutes before you can consume the herbal tea. Start by filtering the mixture, and place the decoction in the cup of your choice. You will be able to benefit from the slimming effects of nettle!

You can drink up to 5 cups of this nettle tea per day. We particularly advise you to take it in the morning, on an empty stomach. This is where its effects will be greatest on weight loss. If you wish, you will also find nettle infusions in sachets already ready, ideal if you want to save time. For more benefits, we advise you to add green tea, fennel, or even diuretic herbal teas made from thyme, rosemary, or dandelion to your detox. Certain plants such as lime, sage or licorice are also very effective against bloating. You can find them in herbalist or in the form of capsules.

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