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Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Treatments: Your Questions Answered

What causes erectile dysfunction? Does ED only affect men in their 60s and 70s, or do younger men
sometimes have difficulty achieving or maintaining erections? Which erectile dysfunction treatments are
most effective? Let’s take a closer look.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Also known as ED, erectile dysfunction is repeated or persistent difficulty in either achieving and/or
maintaining an erection that is sufficient for sex. It might happen occasionally, or it may happen every
time you attempt to have sex.


What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

There are several different causes of erectile dysfunction. Some causes are physical:
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• High cholesterol
• Metabolic syndrome
• Obesity
• Multiple sclerosis
• Parkinson’s disease
• Testosterone deficiency
• Atherosclerosis
Sometimes substance abuse, smoking alcoholism, and side effects from prescription drugs can cause ED.
If you’re being treated for prostate cancer (particularly if you are receiving radiation therapy in the
pelvic region) then you might suffer from erectile dysfunction.
In total, approximately 90 percent of erectile dysfunction cases have physical components.
Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction are psychological:
• Depression
• Guilt
• Fear or intimacy
• Anxiety
• Low self-esteem
If you’re suffering from ED, it’s possible that both psychological and physical factors are contributing to
the problem.
Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction
Vacuum pumps, vascular surgery, and penile implants are less popular than pharmacological solutions
for ED – that is, the “little blue pills” that you’ve probably heard of. Avanafil (Stendra), Sildenafil (Viagra),
Tadalafil (Cialis), and Vardenafil (Levitra) are PDE-5 inhibitors that can be prescribed by a doctor.
Unfortunately, these come with many side effects including:
• Flushing
• Hearing loss
• Indigestion
• Visual abnormalities
• Headaches

Some patients have worse side effects from ED prescriptions including stroke and heart attack.
There are also injections or locally acting drugs including shady online options that can seriously damage
penile tissue. In rare cases, prescriptions for ED have led to emergency surgery including penis

Fortunately, there are alternatives to potentially dangerous drugs. One new product is ED Elixir, which is
an all-natural system that addresses the root physical causes of erectile dysfunction along with
psychological issues. This treatment is relatively new but so far successful with more than 16,000 men
reporting recovery from erectile dysfunction.

Benefits include:
• All-natural
• Addresses multiple causes of ED
• No side effects
• No weird gadgets, injections, or surgery
• Normal erections at appropriate times

Lastly, ED Elixir is very inexpensive – less than what a single Viagra tablet costs in some places.
Additionally, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, which is yet one more thing that you don’t
get with prescriptions.

Curious? Learn more about this cutting-edge solution for ED. There’s no risk – just an opportunity to
regain your manhood and restore your dignity.

What You Should Know about the Latest Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Great news: Medical researchers make new discoveries all the time and these days, there are more
options than ever for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Some of the newest ED treatment
options sound quite promising while others seem invasive or come with potential side effects that
sound downright scary. Let’s take a closer look.

Penile Implants

Just like they sound, penile implants are devices that must be surgically embedded. There are a few
different types: three-piece inflatable pumps, two-piece inflatable pumps, and flexible rods.
The inflatable pumps involve fluid-filled containers that are installed in the abdomen or scrotum. A
pump is installed in the scrotum and when squeezed, transfers the liquid into cylinders that have been
surgically installed in the penis. The resulting erection is not as hard as a natural erection however the
penis generally feels comfortable in its flaccid state and pleasurable sensations are enjoyed during
Malleable (semi-rigid) rods can be bent into different positions but never change in stiffness or size. The
penis can be bent upward for intimacy and downward the rest of the time. While this type of implant
isn’t difficult to use, the penis is constantly rigid and many men find the implants to be very

Penis Pumps

A penis pump is a less costly and less invasive alternative to oral medications and surgery. Powered by
hand or via batteries, these pumps consist of hollow plastic tubes that fit over the penis, plus a
constriction ring that fits around the base of the penis after (and if) an erection is achieved. Some side
effects include numbness, pain, bruising, and internal bleeding. While many men find that they are able
to enjoy sex after using a penis pump, many find that they feel awkward or embarrassed and still others
find that the unpleasant side effects simply aren’t worth it.

Penile Injection Therapy

The FDA has approved penile injection therapy that dilates penile arteries and produces an erection
within 5 to 10 minutes, and that lasts either to orgasm or for up to 30-60 minutes. Users can inject
themselves up to 12 times per month. Side effects include discomfort, bruising, scarring at injection
sites, and occasional priapism, which is a painful sustained erection that lasts for more than 4 hours and
requires medical intervention.

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Until now, men have had mixed results with natural erectile dysfunction remedies. ED Elixir is a
promising new system that addresses the root physical causes of erectile dysfunction as well as
psychological and emotional causes that compound the issue. It is customized to suit each user’s needs,
and it comes with a full guarantee. ED Elixir reviews are generally positive and to date, more than 16,500
men have restored their sex lives using the system. There’s a lot to it – so be sure to read more and
determine if it’s something that you’d like to try.

So far, the best treatment for erectile dysfunction is completely natural. Pills, implants, injections, and
pumps simply don’t seem worth the risk.

Erectile Dysfunction and Your Health

Erectile dysfunction symptoms are beyond difficult to live with, but did you know that erectile
dysfunction itself is often a symptom of another underlying health problem? If you’re living with erectile
dysfunction, certain lifestyle changes that improve your overall health might very well make a positive

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms: Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction isn’t the same for everyone who suffers. There are a few different symptoms and if
you experience one or more of them, it’s likely that you have ED.

• Being unable to get an erection at all
• Being able to get an erection, but having it subside before you can finish having sex
• Being able to get an erection, but only sometimes, and not every time you want to have sex; i.e.
your mind is willing but your body won’t cooperate

What Having ED Might Mean for Your Health

If you notice that you’re having ED symptoms, it’s possible that you could be suffering from another
condition. It’s also possible that you could have more than one underlying health issue contributing to
the problem.
• Diabetes
• Metabolic syndrome
• Obesity
• Atherosclerosis
• High blood pressure
• Heart disease
• Vascular disease
• Kidney disease
• Peyronie’s disease
• Multiple sclerosis
• Parkinson’s disease
Some medications contribute to erectile dysfunction:
• Certain blood pressure medications
• Some antidepressants
• Certain antiandrogens used to treat prostate cancer
• Radiation
• Some ulcer medcations
• Certain sedatives
• Certain appetite suppressants

Besides conditions and medications, there are certain lifestyle factors that contribute to erectile
• Smoking
• Excess alcohol intake
• Illegal drug use
• Lack of exercise
• Being seriously overweight or obese

More often than not, men who suffer from ED find themselves dealing with emotional issues.
Sometimes psychological issues are solely to blame for erectile dysfunction; however, once physical
causes of ED come into play and sexual difficulties arise, psychological issues compound the problem
and contribute to severe emotional anguish.

• Anxiety
• Fear of failing sexually
• Stress
• Depression
• Guilt
• Low self-esteem

While there are pills, pumps, injections, and even surgical implants designed to help men deal with the
physical causes of erectile dysfunction, these can have serious side effects – and they don’t help with
psychological issues.

New, cutting-edge programs aim at treating erectile dysfunction with a more holistic approach that
works to resolve underlying health problems that contribute to ED as well as psychological issues that
make matters worse. To date, thousands of men have recovered their dignity, restored their manhood,
and salvaged their relationships using alternative methods that also improve overall health. More
intrusive methods should be reserved for worst-case scenarios.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments: Which Ones Work Best?

If you’re looking for a solution for erectile dysfunction, then you’ve probably stumbled upon quite a few
different options. The question is, how well do erectile dysfunction treatments work? Which one is the
right choice for you? Let’s take a closer look.

Prescription Drugs

You’ve seen the commercials: Always featuring happy, confident men in romantic situations, they
promise an end to erectile dysfunction. At the same time, they warn of potential side effects ranging
from relatively minor issues like flushing, indigestion, and headaches to major problems including
hearing loss, visual abnormalities, stroke, heart attack, and even death.
The good news is that ED prescriptions do work, but they come with quite a few drawbacks:
• Expensive (average $1200 / year)
• Some reduce spontaneity
• May lose effectiveness over time
• Potentially serious side effects

ED Injections

Not needle-shy? FDA-approved penile injection therapy produces an erection within about five to ten
minutes, and on a case-by-case basis, that erection can last for 30 to 60 minutes, or until you orgasm.
You can use these injections up to 12 times per month once you’re comfortable with the process. As
with many other treatments for erectile dysfunction, injections come with some unpleasant side effects.
• Expensive (average $1100 / year)
• Discomfort or pain
• Bruising
• Scars
• Priapism (a painful erection lasting longer than 4 hours and requiring emergency medical
• Expensive
• Not spontaneous

If you want to try injections for erectile dysfunction, be absolutely sure that you get a prescription rather
than shopping from shady online companies. Non-prescription ED injections can result in tissue death
and emergency surgery that might even include penile amputation.

ED Elixir

You’re wise to worry about side effects. ED Elixir is an erectile dysfunction remedy that works well for
most men, and that has no side effects whatsoever. Like quite a few other ED treatments, it is relatively
new to the market – and so far, it has helped more than 16,000 men achieve sustained natural erections
without prescription drugs. The program involves a customizable supplement that you make using easily
obtainable ingredients, along with recommended lifestyle changes and a strong focus on eliminating the
psychological stumbling blocks that typically accompany erectile dysfunction.
• Very inexpensive ($37)
• 60-day money back guarantee
• High success rate
• No harmful or painful side effectsErectile dysfunction
• Completely spontaneous, natural sex
• Many users notice added benefits such as more energy and better focus

Read a full Ed Elixir Review here

Penis Pumps

A penis pump features a hollow tube that fits around your penis, along with a constriction ring that is
fitted around the base of the penis if the user is able to achieve an erection. Some men successfully use
penis pumps (either battery powered or hand powered) but many others find that they just don’t work.

Side effects include:
• Expensive ($300 on average)
• Redness
• Bruising
• Pain
• Lack of spontaneity
• Numbness
• Internal bleeding

Penile Implants
Committed? Interested in surgery? If so, a penile implant might be right for you. These devices work
fairly well, but they are expensive and it’s likely that your insurance company will deny your claim if it
decides that penis implant surgery is elective. There are a few different types of penile implants
including inflatable pumps and malleable rods. Inflatable pumps tend to leave users happiest and most
comfortable. Drawbacks include:
• Expensive (Up to $20,000)
• Might not be covered by insurance
• Long recovery time
• Potential for lasting pain / discomfort
Only you know which ED treatment will work best for you. Most men find that it’s best to choose the
least invasive option as well as the option with the lowest risk of side effects.

Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction: Hope or Hype?

Are there any natural treatments for ED? While no herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction have
been approved by the FDA, it’s important to note that “supplements” are never FDA-approved since
they aren’t medications. Now that we’ve cleared the air, it’s time to take a closer look at natural erectile
dysfunction treatments, along with some pros and cons for each.

Panax Ginseng

As a natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, ginseng is often quite effective. This herbal supplement is a
helpful one for those who suffer from low energy, and it often offers cognitive benefits.
• Fights fatigue
• Improves stamina
• Works well for some people
• Must be taken 3 times per day
• Can be expensive
• Not suitable for men with high blood pressure


Since many men with erectile dysfunction have low DHEA levels, it can sometimes be helpful to
supplement with DHEA as a way to replenish the body’s supply. Unfortunately, the “cons” associated
with DHEA outweigh the “pros.”
• May help you achieve and maintain an erection
• Can increase bone density over time
• Not suitable for men with diabetes
• Can lead to aggression and irritability
• Can cause hair loss on the head and unwanted hair growth on the face

Luckily, there’s a natural way to increase DHEA: Exercise regularly. Your body will increase its own DHEA
production naturally, minus the side effects. Exercise is an excellent addition to any natural ED protocol.


One 1999 study showed that acupuncture was effective in helping 39 percent of participants, and a
subsequent 2003 study showed that 21 percent of participants improved their condition.
• Works well for some men
• Minimal side effects
• May help with other issues
• May take a long time to notice positive changes
• Can be expensive
• Not available in all areas

ED Elixir

If you’ve seen reviews mentioning ED Elixir, then you might be very curious about whether it works. The
short answer is yes: So far, more than 16,000 men have regained the ability to achieve and sustain
erections using ED Elixir.
• Very inexpensive
• Addresses psychological causes of ED as well as physical factors
• Customizable
• Takes 30 seconds a day to use
• No harmful side effects
• Offers beneficial side effects including more energy and better focus
• Doesn’t work for everyone who tries it. (Note, this is the same as all other natural treatments for
ED; this one comes with a money-back guarantee in case it doesn’t work for you).

When attempting to remedy erectile dysfunction naturally, you can take a multi-pronged approach to
come up with a plan that works well for your own unique situation as well as for your lifestyle. Always
check to see if supplements are compatible with one another and remember to look for any
contraindications and potential side effects. Last but not least, give natural ED remedies time to work;
they take longer than drugs since they work with your body’s naturally. Here’s to your health!

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