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Diabetes and holidays: tips for traveling peacefully

â € œWho wants to travel far spares his horse “: a maxim that takes on a whole new dimension when you are diabetic. How to organize your trip? What should you pack in your luggage? PasseportSanté gives you some simple tips that will allow you to go on vacation with peace of mind.

Avant le départ : consultez votre médecin


Before taking off for distant horizons, remember to visit your doctor and / or diabetologist:


To adapt your treatment .


Between the type of trip and the chosen destination, your treatment may need to be adapted, whether you are taking medication or insulin . The balance of your diabetes which goes through checking the glycated hemoglobin level, will determine whether or not it is prudent to go on vacation.


To build up a complete first aid kit.


Anti-diarrheal, antiemetic (antivomitives) and possibly antibiotics; it is necessary for to deal with the little inconveniences of travel ! Depending on your destination, an antimalarial treatment or a vaccination may also be prescribed. If these preventive treatments are not contraindicated in diabetics, however, remember to consult sufficiently before your departure for them to be effective!


To have the necessary orders and certificates .


In order to be able to deal with all the unforeseen events (theft / loss of baggage, etc.) it is better to have a emergency order , including if possible the name of the molecule (DCI = International Common Name , a name usually found on generic drugs). Likewise, having a hospital report or a document summarizing your medical history may be useful when you set off on an adventure. Finally, we can never repeat it enough, your diabetic card (and pump holder, if applicable) must accompany you, wherever you are!



Originally posted 2020-03-28 09:42:56.

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