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Benefits Of Spirulina For Weight Loss

Many people use spirulina to lose weight, without really knowing why it helps you lose weight, or how to use it to lose weight. So let’s develop the subject to know everything about the slimming virtues of this famous seaweed recommended by nutritionists!

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spiruline to lose weight


Overweight and obesity affect more and more people in France and are becoming a real public health problem. Whether for their health or just from an aesthetic point of view, nearly 75% of French people want to lose weight.

For this, we find diets as varied as each other, while it is enough to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle to see the superfluous pounds disappear, except in the case of more important health concerns: disorders of the thyroid, obesity, etc.

On the food side, divide your plate in half and put vegetables in one half, separate the other half again in two and put meat or fish in a quarter, and starches in the remaining quarter, you will see, that makes miracles.

In addition to that, get moving, exercise regularly, and apply little tips as we will see in this article on spirulina and weight loss. Because does spirulina make you lose weight? Yes and no. You cannot lose weight just by consuming this micro-algae, however it can help burn fat indirectly and it works in many ways towards lasting weight loss by helping to control your diet.

Why associate spirulina with a diet?

It is advisable to consume spirulina to accompany a diet because:

  • it acts as an appetite suppressant,
  • it is rich in proteins,
  • it provides energy and supplements the diet
  • it detoxifies the body,
  • all for a low calorie intake.

Natural appetite suppressant effect

Spirulina contains phenylalanine, an amino acid that acts as an appetite suppressant. By consuming spirulina, we accentuate the feeling of satiety and we therefore have less desire to eat.

Once in the intestine, it causes the secretion of a hormone that signals the brain when the level of satiety has been reached. Studies have shown a decrease in the amount of food consumed caused by taking phenylalanine before meals by up to 22%.

The action of phenylalanine hydroxylase converts phenylalanine into another amino acid, tyrosine, a precursor to adrenaline, norepinephrine and melanin. Therefore, combining phenylalanine with a diet can reduce moods and motivation drops, while promoting a state of joy, well-being and pleasure in the brain.

In order to take advantage of this appetite suppressant action and to optimize it, it is advisable to consume the spirulina powder about 15 to 20 minutes before eating in order to allow time for the phenylalanine to be digested and to cause the effects. above.

High protein content

Spirulina is a cyanobacterium made up of up to 70% protein, making it a perfect ingredient in a diet. This is because proteins require more energy to be digested by the body than they provide, thus, by exerting more effort to digest it, and the body directly burns more fat and calories.

Let us add that the proteins of spirulina are what are called complete proteins, that is to say composed of 8 essential amino acids, unique in the world of plant proteins. Indeed, the only other sources of complete proteins are all derived from animal products such as meat or eggs.

Thus, spirulina is an ideal food supplement for weight loss.

Note that the proteins contained in spirulina, both numerous; of excellent quality, and containing all the essential amino acids, promote the synthesis of keratin, a protein representing 95% of the hair composition, whose role is to protect the hair from external aggressions: pollution, UV, sea water , etc. Thus, spirulina is beneficial for the hair, allows them to regain their shine and flexibility, whether in treatments or masks.

Stimulating, energizing and revitalizing effect

Spirulina is known and recognized to stimulate the body and raise the general energy level of the body, ideal during a slimming diet which can tend to cause slackening.

Food supplements such as spirulina are, in fact, foods much richer in minerals, nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and phyto-nutrients than most foods, which makes them unique.

The exceptional nutritional composition of seaweed helps to fill any deficiencies caused by a poorly calibrated diet, which is unfortunately often the case when you want to lose weight on your own and without professional advice.

It improves overall health and is beneficial for the whole body, which is why it is often advisable to consume spirulina for thyroid problems, for example.

With the reserve of vitamins and energy that spirulina provides, you will feel more inclined to move around, to walk, in short: to exercise, which is essential for lasting weight loss. Some compare spirulina to coffee, tea and other exciting drinks for its stimulating effects, with the difference that spirulina increases vitality quickly, but especially over the long term.

Detoxifying action

It is more difficult to lose weight with an organism whose cells are loaded with toxins. Poisoning of cells prevents the proper function of the organs they make up: gall bladder, pancreas, liver, intestine, nervous system, etc.

As the body does not function optimally, this will create an imbalance and will promote weight gain.

One of the properties of spirulina is its ability to detoxify the body in depth, particularly thanks to its phycocyanin content, the natural pigment that gives algae color. Phycocyanin works on two fronts:

  • it is a powerful detoxifier: it allows a deep cleansing of the cells
  • it is a powerful regenerator: it activates the cellular regeneration of tissues

Spirulina will therefore help cleanse and purify the whole body, promoting the elimination and loss of extra pounds. It is also one of the reasons why spirulina works on acne and skin problems.

Low in calories

Yes, the principle of losing weight is all the same to bring fewer calories to the body than it burns, and this is the case with spirulina.

Despite its nutritional richness, spirulina is low in calories: 1 teaspoon, or approximately the daily dose during a cure, contains only 20 calories.

Thus, by taking spirulina, we will meet a number of nutritional needs, without increasing our calorie rate.

How to use spirulina to lose weight?

We have dedicated an article explaining how to properly use spirulina, check it out for more details.

Where to use it?

To take full advantage of its nutritional composition, consume cold spirulina, as the nutritional value of a food decreases with heat.

It has a strong flavor, so it is rather advisable to combine it with a drink or a tasty food: fruit juice, vegetable juice, a smoothie, a yogurt, etc.

If you want to use it for its appetite suppressant properties, it is recommended to take a dose of spirulina about 15 minutes before the meal.

If you want to play sports and increase your performance in order to lose weight and lose weight, it is recommended to take a dose of spirulina about 30 minutes before exercise.

For what dosage?

The classic dosage is to consume between 2 and 5 g of spirulina powder per day (approximately 1 teaspoon), starting with a dose of 1 g per day during the first week, then gradually increasing the doses by 0, 5 g every 5 days.

It is possible to take this daily dose in several times, for example: if you take 4 g of spirulina, you can take 2 g before lunch and 2 g before dinner.

Spirulina is only effective if taken as a daily treatment for several weeks, between 4 and 6 weeks, followed by a break as long as the treatment. It is not recommended to do more than 3 cures per year.

The general recommendation is not to exceed 6 g and the first effects of spirulina are felt from 800 mg.

What are the contraindications and side effects?

We have dedicated a special article detailing what are the contraindications and side effects of spirulina.

Remember that there is no danger in consuming spirulina if you follow the advice given in the paragraph “For what dosage? », And if you are not one of the people to whom spirulina is prohibited, either the people:

  • suffering from hemochromatosis (excess iron in the blood)
  • with kidney failure
  • suffering from phenylketonuria

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