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10 Best Natural Food Supplements For Weight Loss

Losing weight can sometimes be incredibly difficult. For this reason, people often turn to all kinds of dietary supplements in order to speed things up. However, although dietary supplements are considered safe in most cases, some pills can cause unexpected and unpleasant side effects. It is therefore necessary to be very careful in the choice of food supplements that are used for weight loss. Find out in this article what are the best natural food supplements for weight loss.

It should still be noted that this page takes a detailed look at the 10 best recognized natural “fat burners”. It therefore specifies how they work, their other health benefits, the recommended dosages and the probable side effects to be aware of. Support from healthcare professionals (doctor, nutritionist, etc.) remains essential for healthy and sustainable weight loss. In addition, food supplements alone are not enough to initiate weight loss. They should always be accompanied by a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

So what are the best natural fat burners? How to use them to lose weight? What recommendations are in effect? Answers!

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1. Spirulina, the versatile cyanobacterium for weight loss

spirulina to lose weight

Spirulina is incredibly beneficial for the human body. It has gained widespread international fame because of its richness in nutrients and immense benefits. For those who do not yet know it, spirulina is actually a cyanobacterium that thrives in healthy lake waters at high altitudes.

This cyanobacterium is commonly used as a food supplement for its many properties. But also to replace the proteins of red meat and eggs for vegans and vegetarians. However, in recent times it has also gained a good reputation as an ideal supplement to aid in slimming. It can therefore help you lose weight if you consume it correctly.

How does spirulina work on weight loss?

Due to the high fat content of red meat, people tend to turn to a diet lower in animal protein to induce weight loss. However, this drastic step often results in a severe lack of amino acids in the body. However, the latter are essential for the regeneration and growth of cells.

Therefore, spirulina is a great substitute. It contains 60 to 70% protein (1). And because metabolism takes energy, protein also helps maintain healthy fat burning. Also, according to several studies, spirulina also helps reduce appetite in overweight and obese people.

Spirulina can therefore promote better protein intake, reduction of appetite (and thus allow optimal meal management) and better shape. It is highly effective when combined with regular physical activity and a healthy diet (2).

Benefits and health benefits of spirulina

Besides its slimming effect, spirulina can help treat anemia and prevent it, thanks to its high iron content. Of course, it contains many other minerals and vitamins, which will help you keep in shape. On the other hand, spirulina is a natural anti-inflammatory (3). If playing sports causes inflammation (or if you suffer from it for other reasons), incorporate spirulina into your eating habits.

People looking to lose weight may find it difficult to regulate their blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. If this is your case, and again, spirulina can help you remedy this. Indeed, this cyanobacterium is ideal for fighting bad cholesterol and reducing the body’s triglyceride levels (4).

Spirulina can help you better regulate your blood pressure, thanks to its hypotensive effects. Finally, with a composition highly concentrated in natural antioxidants, it is ideal for preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer. If it’s at the top of this list of the best natural dietary supplements for weight loss, it is clearly no accident.

Dosage: recommended dosage of spirulina

The recommended dosages of spirulina vary from 1 to 6 g per day. However, its effects are felt even at low doses. Also, in order to maximize its benefits, try eating spirulina in the morning or during the day, rather than at night. Follow the recommendations and dosages on the packaging of your spirulina tablets to adapt your daily intake.

Side effects and contraindications

It is important to ensure that the spirulina you consume is of good quality and pure. With a good quality spirulina, not contaminated with chemicals, you do not risk anything. However, contaminated spirulina can cause the following side effects, including abdominal pain, liver damage, vomiting and nausea, as well as feeling thirsty. For these reasons, it is important to choose a quality spirulina.

2. Chlorella, the purifying benefactor algae


Chlorella is one of the most widely used supplements in Japan. Like spirulina, chlorella is a freshwater algae with a multitude of benefits for the body. It is also one of the oldest species on the planet. This algae has the unique ability to reproduce up to eight times a day, making it a sustainable source of nutrients.

How Does Chlorella Work on Weight Loss?

As we’ve said before, losing weight can be difficult at times, especially with age. However, with regard to chlorella, clinical studies are very promising. This seaweed is among the best natural food supplements for weight loss due to its notorious effects on several key metabolic mechanisms.

Chlorella acts by several mechanisms. It has regulatory effects on hormones, and thus promotes the general hormonal balance of the body. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it promotes the elimination of waste from the body (toxins, free radicals, etc.). An organism free from these harmful molecules functions optimally. The metabolism is thus stimulated. And the more it is stimulated, the more fat it burns.

And that’s not all, chlorella, by surrounding toxins and heavy metals residing in the body, facilitates their elimination and also prevents their reabsorption. This is because of its considerable detoxifying properties (5). Finally, this algae, which is both beneficial and purifying, also stands out thanks to its composition. This is particularly rich in mineral salts, vitamins and essential fatty acids (6) (7). It will make a perfect dietary supplement for weight loss, but also for maintaining high energy levels in the body!

The other health benefits and virtues of chlorella

Apart from its slimming effect, chlorella helps lower blood sugar levels, as well as fight bad cholesterol. This algae helps strengthen our immune system (8) and purify the body. Thanks to its exceptionally rich composition, chlorella is currently being studied in the context of cancer prevention. It is also an effective dietary supplement for ulcerative colitis, fibromyalgia and hypertension.

Recommended dosage of chlorella

The dosage depends above all on your needs, your age, your height and your state of health. However, the average remains one to three 500 mg tablets with a glass of water three times a day.

Side effects and contraindications

The majority of side effects are symptoms of any detoxification program (the symptoms of the healing crisis). They are therefore fatigue, headaches, cramps, nausea, diarrhea and insomnia. However, people who are allergic to iodine or are taking medication should consult a doctor before using chlorella. This algae is not recommended for people sensitive to mold and children. For everyone else, chlorella is a safe substance.

3. Garcinia Cambogia, one of the best natural food supplements for weight loss

Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplement

Garcinia Cambogia capsules represent one of the most famous natural food supplements for weight loss. They are made from an extract of the peel of the fruit, which indeed contains high amounts of hydroxycitric acid (HCA) (9). The latter has demonstrated its ability to lose weight according to numerous studies.

How does garcinia cambogia work on weight loss?

Studies have indeed shown that garcinia cambogia can promote weight loss in two different ways. The first is to suppress appetite and fight cravings by inhibiting the absorption of serotonin in the brain. High levels of serotonin in the body may reduce your appetite, especially the appetite for sweet (10).

The second is to slow down, or even block, the production of new fat in the body. Thus, garcinia cambogia helps in reducing belly fat especially in overweight people (11). And in this regard, garcinia cambogia is very effective.

Benefits and health benefits of garcinia cambogia

Besides these effects on weight loss, garcinia has many health benefits. This herb is ideal for lowering cholesterol levels and improving blood sugar control. Garcinia protects you from gastric ulcers and helps reduce blood triglyceride levels. In addition to fighting the urge to snack, it also gives you better cardiovascular health.

On the other hand, as one of the best natural weight loss supplements, garcinia cambogia is also a powerful anti-inflammatory herb. It will therefore help you fight against muscle or joint pain (associated with playing sports). And since it is a natural concentrate of antioxidants, this plant will allow you to fight against oxidative stress and boost your metabolism (12).

Recommended dosage

The recommended doses may vary, but, as a general rule, it is recommended that you take 500 mg of garcinia cambogia three times a day, 30 to 60 minutes before meals. Against bulimia and its attacks, the dosage to be respected is 1000 and 1800 mg of fruit per day.

Side effects and contraindications

Most of the studies done have concluded that garcinia is safe for healthy people, in the recommended doses. However, due to lack of studies, it is best not to take garcinia during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. In addition, this plant is not recommended for people undergoing treatment for cholesterol, diabetes or dementia.

Normal consumption of garcinia cambogia does not cause side effects. On the other hand, in high doses, this plant can cause gastrointestinal disturbances. These disorders can be diarrhea or gas. Observe the dosages to avoid them!

4. Green tea, a powerful antioxidant with recognized slimming properties

green tea to lose weight

Green tea extract is a popular ingredient, used as a base in many supplements to aid in weight loss. In fact, several studies show that epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC, the main antioxidant in green tea) promotes fat burning.

How it works ?

Epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) is the major antioxidant in green tea, although it contains many others. It works to promote fat burning in the body (13). Besides the effect of ECGC, green tea extract works by increasing the activity of norepinephrine in the body. It is a hormone that helps burn fat and thus promotes weight loss. In fact, watching horror movies has been shown to help burn calories, this being an effect of adrenaline, a derivative of norepinephrine!

Physical activity is essential for weight loss. Green tea, thanks to its stimulating effects on the body, contributes to the improvement of physical performance. Better physical condition promotes weight loss and a better balance between fat and muscle mass.

Benefits and health benefits of green tea

All of the health benefits of green tea should apply to green tea extract. This therefore includes improving general health and fitness. The presence of caffeine in green tea extract helps fight fatigue and regain greater vitality.

Green tea extract may also be associated with other effects, such as improving brain function. Indeed, caffeine stimulates our cognitive functions as well as bodily. Thanks to it, you are more focused and more motivated to lose weight!

There are other properties to be associated with the consumption of green tea extract. This is the case for reducing cancer risk, but also cardiovascular risk. Finally, this extract is beneficial in the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Recommended dosage of green tea extract

To safely and effectively incorporate green tea supplements into your weight loss regimen, you need to drink plenty of water. Why ? Quite simply because green tea contains caffeine, a diuretic par excellence.

Green tea capsules can be taken with or without food. However, to maximize their effects, you should consider combining them with fish oil and quercetin, which help increase the bioavailability of green tea. Finally, remember not to exceed three to five cups of green tea per day, or to follow the dosage indicated on your product if you consume green tea in the form of herbal tea.

Side effects and contraindications

Green tea extract is generally well tolerated, except for people with sensitivity to caffeine. However, it should be avoided by young children and adolescents, due to the presence of caffeine in its composition. In addition, it should be noted that caffeine has addictive power. It is therefore necessary to respect periods of pause so as not to become dependent (e) on this molecule.

5. Guarana, energy and weight loss

guarana weight loss supplement

Guarana is best known for its fruit the size of a coffee bean. As a food supplement, it is above all a natural stimulant. In fact, a bean of guarana contains up to ten times the amount of caffeine than a coffee bean. In other words, its stimulating capacities are increased tenfold!

How does guarana work?

Studies on guarana have concluded that it does have a thermogenic effect on the body. This means that the guarana acts as a real fat burner (14). If it is among the best natural food supplements for weight loss, it is above all for its ability to increase caloric expenditure during exertion and at rest. As such, guarana speeds up the basal metabolism, thereby increasing body heat and fat burning.

On the other hand, guarana has another interest in weight loss. This fruit transformed into a food supplement promotes the feeling of satiety, which allows you to better control your hunger, and your weight (15)! Guarana (and more precisely the caffeine it contains) thus helps reduce appetite, better manage the contents of your plate, and facilitate weight loss.

In addition, the caffeine in guarana also increases urine secretion which obviously results in less water retention. This is because caffeine is a diuretic and an alkaloid, which means that it is metabolized in the liver and excreted by the kidney.

Health benefits and virtues of guarana

Guarana has other benefits that should not be overlooked. Indeed, this fruit or food supplement helps fight fatigue and drowsiness. As a reminder, it can contain up to ten times more caffeine than coffee beans. This fruit is therefore ideal for combating fatigue and its effects on concentration.

In addition, the guarana and the caffeine it contains help improve physical and cognitive performance. It will help you engage in regular physical activity with more intensity and motivation. It is great for weight loss! Also know that this food supplement can help relieve headaches. Guarana is therefore beneficial in the event of detoxification of the body.

Recommended dosage of guarana

It is advisable to take 2 to 4 grams of guarana per day. However, because of its stimulating effects, you should avoid taking it before going to bed. It will benefit you much more if you consume it in the morning. Observe the doses on the packaging of the food supplement.

Side effects and contraindications

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers guarana to be a safe dietary supplement. However, it is important to remember that it contains caffeine, a large dose of which can make it dangerous. Indeed, it can be harmful in large doses or over a long period. Ultimately, how safe it is most often depends on how much we consume and use it.

Some potential side effects may occur, such as nervousness, heart palpitations, insomnia, or heart irritation from the caffeine. This is why it is essential to stick to the recommended doses and not to combine guarana with other sources of caffeine.

6. Konjac, the last slimming secret

Konjac supplement to lose weight

Konjac is a plant known primarily for its rhizome which contains starch as well as a fiber called glucomannan. The latter, thanks to its emulsifying and thickening properties, is very often used as a food additive in slimming supplements.

How does konjac work?

Konjac is often cited among the best natural food supplements for weight loss. Thanks to its richness in soluble fibers, Konjac promotes weight loss through several mechanisms. First, it absorbs up to 100 times its own weight in water. It therefore acts as a real natural appetite suppressant (16). By taking up space in the stomach, it helps strengthen the feeling of fullness after meals, or when you are feeling hungry. You should also be aware that Konjac delays stomach emptying. In addition to strengthening the feeling of satiety, it prolongs it over time!

In addition, this food is very low in calories. It therefore allows you to fill up with nutrients, without increasing your calorie intake. Finally, and like other soluble fibers, it delays the absorption of fat. However, glucomannan is different from other soluble fibers because it is more viscous, which makes it even more effective.

Health benefits and virtues of konjac

According to several studies, glucomannan can lower cholesterol as a whole, and in particular LDL, which is the bad cholesterol. Konjac also acts on the blood triglyceride level and helps to lower it.

The blood sugar level in those at risk can be reduced by consuming konjac in the form of regular cures. Finally, this herb is also found to be very effective in restoring and regulating bowel function (17).

Recommended dosage

To lose weight, a dose of 1 gram three times a day is sufficient, taken 15 minutes to an hour before meals. If in doubt, refer to the directions on the product packaging or seek medical advice.

Side effects and contraindications

Konjac is well tolerated and generally considered safe. However, if it expands before it reaches the stomach it can cause suffocation or blockage in the esophagus. To avoid this, it should be consumed with one to two glasses of water before meals. Konjac should be avoided for people with or prone to obstruction of the digestive tract.

7. Green coffee, a powerful calorie burner

green coffee good weight loss supplement

Green coffee is currently one of the best natural dietary supplements for weight loss. As the name suggests, this supplement is extracted from green coffee beans. These contain a substance called “chlorogenic acid”, known for its effects on weight loss. Unfortunately, most of the chlorogenic acid is removed when the coffee is roasted. This is why green coffee should be consumed as a dietary supplement.

How does green coffee work?

The green coffee extract contains caffeine, which stimulates the fat-elimination metabolism. However, the main ingredient is still chlorogenic acid, which reduces the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive tract. And that’s not all, green coffee has other weight loss benefits.

First, green coffee helps reduce the absorption of fat by the body, but also by the liver. This is because the liver stores fat and green coffee helps us to eliminate it. On the other hand, this variety of coffee helps improve the function of adiponectin (inversely proportional to visceral fat). As such, and for all these reasons, coffee is one of the best natural dietary supplements for weight loss.

Health benefits and virtues

Green coffee extract is very beneficial for people considered “at risk” for diabetes or high blood pressure. It indeed improves carbohydrate metabolism and helps stabilize blood pressure. It is a dietary supplement for better health and good lifestyles. Since it contains caffeine, it stimulates cognitive and physical functions, just like green tea.

Recommended dosage

There are currently no studies that determine the optimal dosage of green coffee. We therefore recommend that you follow the instructions on the product. This can range from 80 to 1000 mg per day 30 minutes before each meal. Do not exceed these doses and be careful not to combine several sources of caffeine.

Side effects and contraindications

According to research, green coffee extract seems to have a very interesting protective role for the body. However, like all products, moderation remains the rule of thumb. Warning: if you have caffeine allergies, avoid consuming green coffee. And if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, please consult your doctor before consuming it. Finally, do not consume green coffee in the evening, as it could affect the quality of your sleep.

8. Artichoke: the detox champion

artichoke good for weight loss

The artichoke is very rich in fiber, which is indeed essential for many functions. They have an important role in detoxifying the body of waste products, excess cholesterol, sugar and toxins as well as in facilitating liver function. If the artichoke is on this list of the best natural food supplements for weight loss, it is above all for its very high fiber content.

How does it work on weight loss?

Many studies have shown that a diet high in soluble fiber helps shed visceral fat. This fat builds up around your organs and can lead to many diseases. In addition, these fibers take up space on contact with water in the stomach and intestines, which leaves a feeling of fullness, thereby helping to curb cravings.

Artichoke can satisfy your appetite for longer, which can help prevent overeating. Here is an ideal function in full weight loss! And that’s not all. This process also helps stabilize blood sugar levels, which also helps suppress snacking cravings throughout the day.

It should also be noted that the artichoke is a powerful diuretic, which helps the body to detoxify (18). Rich in natural antioxidants, it contributes to general well-being and the elimination of free radicals, toxins and waste from the body.

Health benefits and virtues of artichoke

Some studies suggest that artichoke extract promotes healthy digestion, especially because of its targeted action on the liver (19). It is also known that the artichoke helps lower general cholesterol levels, as well as bad cholesterol. This food is cholesterol lowering (20), which is ideal for regaining an iron healthy, in addition to an hourglass figure.

Finally, the artichoke is also an ally in blood sugar levels and in diabetes. It has considerable hypoglycemic properties, which should not be overlooked (21). So, in addition to helping us lose weight, the artichoke is ideal for getting back into shape and health.

Recommended dosage

To fully enjoy the benefits of artichoke, it is very important to follow the dosage on the package of the brand of your choice. If you consume it as a vegetable, incorporate it into a healthy, balanced diet. Don’t overdo the good things: consider varying the sources of nutrients you consume.

Side effects and contraindications

Artichokes are a great food choice because they are low in calories and low in fat. Although few side effects have been reported (allergic reactions, intestinal gas), talk to your doctor before taking artichoke extract. They can help you assess the benefits and risks.

The artichoke should be avoided in case of obstruction of the bile ducts. In rare cases, it alters the perception of flavors or causes gastric reactions: diarrhea, bloating … Finally, make sure you are not allergic to artichoke before starting a course of food supplements that contain it.

9. Yerba mate: the ideal slimming stimulant

Yerba mate top weight loss supplement

Native to South America, yerba mate has entered many weight loss supplements around the world in recent years. Also called “Paraguayan tea” or simply “mate”, this plant is full of health benefits. And for weight loss. Here’s what you need to know about one of the best natural dietary supplements for weight loss: yerba mate!

How it works ?

Thanks to mateine ​​(a molecule similar to caffeine), mate acts as a powerful stimulant. This active molecule acts as well on our physical, cognitive and of course, metabolic functions. So this means that matein can help increase your metabolism as well as your energy. Which ultimately helps eliminate fat from the body.

Studies of mate all agree on one point: this herb has real effects on weight loss (22). Metabolism and fitness are considerably stimulated by this energizing plant. Plus, because it contains many natural antioxidants, this herb can also help the body rid itself of free radicals and toxins. Which means it helps us increase metabolic action, and calorie consumption!

Yerba mate also has a relaxing effect, which helps prevent overeating secondary to stress. In addition, mate has been shown to also slow the rate of gastric emptying, which is said to cause a feeling of fullness for longer.

Health benefits and virtues of Yerba Maté

Yerba mate is a plant with multiple benefits. Moreover, you can discover the benefits of yerba mate in more detail on the page dedicated to it. Note that this plant is beneficial for our cardiovascular health, since it helps lower our cholesterol levels (23).

In addition, yerba mate promotes good digestive function, which is essential for health as well as for weight loss. It also helps maintain blood sugar levels for better blood sugar control. Finally, this plant with exceptional virtues has another interest: it reduces inflammation in the body. Indeed, yerba mate is a naturally anti-inflammatory plant to be favored in the context of sport.

Recommended dosage

One capsule is usually equivalent to one cup of yerba mate. You can consume this plant in the form of capsules, therefore. But you can also make it part of your drinking habits, in the form of a drink. You choose !

Side effects and contraindications

Yerba mate is unlikely to cause harm to healthy people. However, it should be remembered that it contains caffeine, and an overdose of caffeine can cause headaches and migraines in some people. It can also be a source of addiction.

Therefore, pregnant women, nursing mothers, people sensitive to caffeine and patients on medication should use it with caution. Or even consult their doctor before consuming it.

10. Nettle: one of the best natural food supplements for weight loss

nettle is a good weight loss supplement

To close this list of the best natural food supplements for weight loss, here is nettle. The Nettle leaf is both a nutritional supplement and a valuable medicinal plant. Although so far few studies have been done on it, many specialists such as Gillian Mckeith claim that nettle is a good remedy for weight loss.

How it works ?

At this time, we still lack solid scientific studies on nettle. Nevertheless, it is known that nettle, with its detoxifying properties, can help the body to effectively get rid of unwanted metabolic waste. In addition, nettle acts as a natural appetite suppressant which helps reduce hunger and prolong feelings of fullness after meals. It is a very good natural appetite suppressant to include as part of a balanced diet.

Health benefits and virtues

Nettle can also stimulate hair growth. Indeed, it has long been used for this purpose. Its use dates back to Antiquity. In addition, it is necessary to underline the anti-inflammatory capacities of this plant. Nettle helps prevent and relieve inflammatory pain, whatever its nature (24).

On the other hand, this herb can be used to relieve insect bites and control blood sugar levels. Contrary to appearances, nettle can be a truly beneficial plant.

Recommended dosage

As a cure, it is best to consume nettle in the middle of meals. As a dietary supplement, it is possible to take standardized nettle extract. In this case, the supplementation represents 240 mg of extract per day.

Side effects and contraindications

Nettle is a very safe herb when used in the right way. However, as with all herbs and supplements, it is important to be careful about use.

It is best to avoid nettle during pregnancy. This is because nettle not only affects the menstrual cycle, but it can also stimulate uterine contractions, which can lead to miscarriage. In addition, nettle potentiates the effect of anti-diabetics which can lead to hypoglycaemia. So if you are diabetic or on any medication, consult your doctor first.

The Best Natural Food Supplements for Weight Loss: The Basics

While it seems obvious that these dietary supplements are a great help in facilitating weight loss, there is no pill or magic formula for staying slim. So if you are looking for effective and lasting weight loss, be sure to incorporate it into a healthy diet, along with regular physical activity.

Remember that medical follow-up is essential for healthy and lasting weight loss. In all cases, a healthy weight loss should be 500 grams per week, maximum. Take your time: your efforts will pay off!

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